And the winner is...
In the home stretch now!

14 days...


This is my current state of mind with just 14 days before we move, things are in high gear. I'm trying to wrap things up for our move in 2 weeks, stay on budget & make sure I have all my ducks in a row.

I have 2 sick kids this weekend so things are not going exactly as planned. Mya slept in the living room last night in the recliner as it was impossible for her to breathe upstairs, so obviously not much sleeping actually happened. I got a few hours sleep which isn't going to last for long, I'm thinking that a quick & simple dinner tonight is in order with everyone in bed early.

Mya has school tomorrow but we'll see how the day and night shapes up before I decide whether to send her in or not. She has a Christmas concert on Wednesday that they've been rehearsing for over the last couple of months, and she's so excited for it and really doesn't want to miss it! I'm hoping this ends up being just a cold and nothing that needs medical care which is next to impossible to get here. I'm so thankful that I was able to secure our amazing family Dr back home again, he's absolutely wonderful and I'm grateful that we'll once again have excellent and accessible medical care in 2 weeks.

I have a small list of items on my "to do list" today:

  • Sewing - I have a couple small items on my sewing list I'd love to knock off my list today
  • Laundry - I have one load to wash, one to put away and one to fold & put away.
  • Mail forward - Set up mail forward with Canada Post. Done! Just under $80.00 buys us 4 months of having our mail forwarded. 
  • Packing - I would love to get a box or two or three packed. Yes!! Maria packed 2 boxes, Mya packed 2 boxes, repacked one of my sewing room boxes and our moving guy dropped off more boxes for us today! Once I finish (and start) my sewing for today I'll close up 2 more sewing boxes. 
  • Online order - I need to order a box of chocolates from Purdy's. Done! Ordered 2 specialty boxes! This gift is complete! 

I'll be quite happy with getting this small list accomplished today! A nap would be fabulous, but I'm 100% certain that won't happen, but with any luck I'll be able to get Mya to take a small nap today because that will help!

On that note, Dh is home from work so I should get breakfast on the go so he can get some sleep for work tonight! I hope everyone has a fabulous Sunday!