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New Years Eve!!!


So tell me, who has exciting New Years Eve plans? My plans include hanging around the house with my husband & kids! Fabulous right!?

In about an hour I'm going to run some errands since everything is closed tomorrow, and with both girls being home today (*scratch that, apparently Mya has New Years Even plans... hahaha!) we need more food in the house. Also a bowl so I can steam myself veggies!! I'm desperate for vegetables! It's been a full week since I've had veggies and I'm seriously going crazy. Food allergies are such a pain and there is nothing "easy" I can eat. I can't eat raw veggies, so a simple salad is out.

I'm hoping to find some card games and board games at the dollar & thrift stores today. Our truck full of our worldly belongings doesn't arrive till the end of next week, so some entertainment will be a good thing! We do have a tv & DVD player that my mom lent us, so there's that, and Netflix on our iDevices but I'll go insane if all I do is watch tv. Soooo boring! hahaha!!

Right now we have a handful of lawn chairs, kitchen chairs, a TV tray & a folding table. Air mattresses & comforter sets. That's about it, but I'm grateful that we have somewhere to sit and somewhere to eat. However, there is clutter everywhere which kind of drives me crazy, but it is what is and I can't do anything about it at this point, so I'm not stressing.

I do miss sewing though and honestly can't wait to get my stuff set up so I can be up & running again! I have a list of projects I have to complete before I open customs and start any RTS items, but still, being creative is going to be a good thing!! Before this happens though I *HAVE* to get my sewing room painted, right now it's a very dark plum-brown colour and I can't work in there as it is. It needs to be brighter though and I'm definitely going to have to invest in some good lighting before I can make it *mine*. So I'm looking into painting before the movers arrive. More on this soon, maybe I'll share pics later on today of my sewing room and what I'm thinking 'cause I could definitely use some input!

On that note I'm off to get my day started... enjoy your day, I'll try to return later on today! Nothing else to do right now... haha!!

PS - For those who asked, both cats are doing just fine! The "Queen" is upset that Chester keeps following us around though... to the hotel, on the airplanes, into the new house.. she seems to be wondering why we can't get rid of this pesky "infestation". *wink*

Home Sweet Home...

It's been a whirlwind of a week... hours are running into hours, days into days. I only know that today is Saturday because I asked Dh to do something at the bank and he told me that it was closed early.
We left Sydney, NS on Christmas Day at 5:00 am, Atlantic time, after staying in a hotel suite in Sydney for 2 nights. Well, that almost didn't happen though. At least not for me. The woman letting everyone through wasn't going to let me fly because she didn't approve of my I.D. I had a photo ID Health Card from Ontario but it had *literally* just expired (I had NO idea) because we were going to get HS health cards, (or whatever they use) but since were moving back, I didn't bother thinking that I'd just get a new one when we got back to Ontario. She told me to let my family go on ahead and to step aside so she could let everyone else through.
On top of this, a man in the airport was giving me the dirtiest & meanest looks I've ever had in my entire life because Chester was meowing, then a woman rolled her eyes at me because Chester was crying & going a little crazy inside that little cat carrier. Poor thing obviously had no idea what was going on and my heart broke for him. I couldn't calm him, but for others to get mean & nasty to me, was just too much. Along with this, I was terrified to fly to be quite honest. The only reason I was flying was because it was getting me HOME.
So, the woman with the power to let people fly or not, telling me to just let my family go on ahead because I wasn't able to fly home with them, absolutely did me in. I had enough. She brushed me off and told me "not to get upset" and at that, I crumpled to the floor & started to cry.
Apparently that can get you on a flight though. She didn't want to deal with an overtired, overstressed, anxious, emotional woman. And that I was.
The kids all enjoyed flying home, no issues on their part at all. I put on my headphones with my music and went into my own little world. My goal was to get home without having an anxiety attack on the plane. I ignored the woman behind me grumbling to her husband about Chester. I ignored the guy in the front of the plain shooting me the death stare.
I succeeded.


The Air Canada plane was very lush and comfortable. I loved the little screen that showed you where you were flying above, how much time and distance to your destination point, etc... Mya watched Frozen, Maria watched Mulan, Dh listened to his music and child #2 slept.
I focused on breathing. Truly. I closed my eyes and told myself I was on a train. LOL!!


Once we hit Toronto I was soooooo excited to be SO close to home. I'm quite comfortable in Toronto & once we boarded our 2nd plane everyone was so friendly and asking about the cats. We were talking about Christmas plans, a woman behind me on the plane gave me gum for Mya when I told Ed I forgot to look for some since Mya's ears *really* hurt on the first plane and made her cry. The man in front of us talked to us for a while and told me how he flies all the time and not to worry etc... everyone was so kind and I felt instant comfort.



We stayed at my inlaws for 2 nights, and we were so happy to spend time with them, but 48 hours later, it was a complete zoo. Small house, too many people. We picked up the keys and moved in with new pillows, comforter sets & air mattresses that my mom purchased for us!! I don't know how I would have done this all without my mom. Maria has been staying with my mom all week (getting spoiled quite well!) and Mya has been staying at her best friends all week as well having a blast!! SO grateful to my mom & Mya's best friends mom for saving me this week!!

Tomorrow both girls will be home I think... so it'll really get fun around here! Haha!! On that note, I'm off to watch an episode from Season 2 of "The Crown"!!


Home, sweet home.

7 days...


It's our first snow, besides a few little snowflakes here & there. It's cold today with a brisk -13c showing right now with the windchill. It's not quite 9:00am yet and it's still not bright out... soon I hope as I really need to 'wake up'. I have zero plans of leaving the house today and plan on staying inside where it's warm & toasty! Today there will be more packing done! Surprise, surprise!

My fabric cupboard & my sewing machine are the last 2 things in my sewing room to be packed. My wrist has been absolutely killing me, so I'm back to wearing my brace non-stop. I don't really have time to "rest" because everything needs done, so today I'll finish that up. Most of the basement has been packed up, but I'd like to have that 100% done today, including all of Mya's barbie stuff.

I need to sort through & pack up my clothing still, but Dh works every night right up until the movers arrive so I'm going to have to try to get in there one day before he goes to bed in the morning. I need to help the girls sort through their clothes and just leave out what we'll be bringing with us in our carry ons and checked bags. I'm really just sort of flying by the seat of my pants right now truth be told. We don't have nearly as much to pack this time as we did last time since we donated/sold/got rid of so much, so that's a nice treat!

We do have one box of items collected to donate so far, and I think we're going to try to sell the coffee table set I purchased before we leave (I hate it, I want a big ottoman instead) and I'm debating on whether or not we bring the futon with us. I don't think we're going to have room for it in the new house. The older I get, the more minimal I really like things to be. Clutter stresses me out and I don't like "stuff" on surfaces, or shoved in closets, or in piles, etc... I don't want crowded rooms or furniture we won't use. "Just Enough" is what I strive for.

Switching gears, yesterday I totally changed my mind on what to give my oldest son for Christmas (yes, I still buy for my 23 yr old, and I probably always will) so I placed a couple of online orders to be delivered to him, which will make things easier on my end. And I really wanted to surprise him as he always says he "doesn't need anything" or just wants $ for computer stuff... lol! But, I had an epiphany yesterday after seeing something online and speaking to his best friend. So I went for surprises this year and it's next to impossible to surprise this kid! I have one gift here for him, (which he asked for) and the other 2 he'll receive at his house. I can't wait to see him again, it's been 4 long months and I have hated being away for so long. He knows how much I love his clean cut look so went out yesterday and got a haircut for when I see him! He's such a sweetheart!

I need to pick up a gift card for my Father-in-law and Christmas is done. Wrapping will hopefully be done today as we're having an early Christmas here for the kids, and we'll call it a day. I feel like we're totally bypassing Christmas this year honestly, it's kind of crazy that we're actually moving home *ON* Christmas Day, but I just want and need to be back home with my family & friends. There is absolutely nothing I want more this year than to feel like I belong & fit in again, with the love & support of my people! It's really tough when you really have nobody to rely on or to help out in an emergency. Especially when you're living somewhere which lacks medical care! I want my "village" back!

I remember last time Mya got really sick with pneumonia & croup, I had such amazing support & help!

  • A local friend whom I had met through blogging brought us to the ER late one night.
  • Another local friend home I had met through blogging brought Mya over a huge stash of freezies from her freezer because she was dehydrated and wouldn't drink anything.
  • My sons best friend ran literally ALL OVER THE CITY looking for freezies for Mya.
  • My mom picked us up from the ER at a crazy time when she had to work the next morning still.
  • My best friend who doesn't even live in London always asks me "Do you need anything? Do you need to go anywhere or do you need me to pick anything up?" Even though it would not be easy or convenient for her to do this, I know she would for me!

Thankfully her immune system has improved soo very much since she used to get soo sick, but It's just really wonderful to have people on your side that you know you can count on, day & night! I miss that so very much! This is why I need be *home* once again.

On that note, I need to get moving... thanks for peeking in, have a wonderful day!