First snow & other things...
And the winner is...

Packing... do I pack it all up? Or wait...


The other night I packed up 3 big boxes of stuff from my sewing room, yesterday I had to unpack and dig through those 3 big boxes I had packed. Today I had to dig again for something else I needed. I'm tempted to pack it all up & call it a day, but at the same time I'd like to keep income coming in on my end as long as I possibly can. I think to help me focus I'll write out a list of the rest of our moving expenses and see how stressed I need to be. LOL!!

This is the part I hate, deciding what can be packed and hoping we don't need it again before we move. It would be easier to pack up my sewing room & call it a day, but I still have a few items that *absolutely* need done before our move, but I'm waiting on a slow fabric order. In the meantime I figured I may as well continue to sew & sell.

I guess maybe the smart thing to do would be to focus on the rest of the rest of the house & leaving my sewing stuff out until I'm absolutely done everything that has to be done. Then I can aim to have my sewing room completely packed up by the 18th or something like that. Which is a few days before the movers pick up. That way I'll have access to what I need for now.

Today I think I'll focus on packing the following:

  • Out of season coats/shoes/boots we won't need/use before we move. This should be 2-3 boxes.
  • Books. The girls have lots of books, this will take up a chunk of boxes as well.
  • Out of season clothing.
  • Kitchen stuff. 1-2 boxes will be a good chunk as our kitchen stuff is pretty minimal.

This will be a nice start! I need to make a few phone calls again as well to give companies our new phone number now that I have it. It's funny with this company we went with for home phone, you have to *pay* to have your phone number listed if you want it accessible... who in the world wants their phone number listed!? I was like sweet!!! No thank-you!!! I'll not pay that $5.00/month and not have telemarketers calling me at all hours of the day & night! Haha!!

On that note i'm falling asleep here as I haven't slept well since moving, and it's just getting worse with the cats. They fight and I'm forever having to 'referee' or let them in and out of the room. I'm lucky to get a few hours sleep a night, and usually that's not 'solid' as I'm up & down all night dealing with the cats or I just can't sleep. Chester likes to climb up our headboard and jumps on my head, he's scratched my face a few times and one time *really* good, a scar has now formed now by my eye. But if I don't let him in our room he scratches, meows and cries under my door non-stop and I cannot sleep through that.

Anyways, I have soo much to do today, so I'd better get back to it! Enjoy your day!!