Hello Monday! A look back at the last week...

And with that, I did it!

My little photogenic man...


In the last 6 months I've accomplished 2 huge moves (almost 5000km in total!) and preserved most of my sanity. At least this time. Child #2 & I packed up the house 2 times, unpacked the house 2 times, organized the house 2 times, did all the paperwork, hiring, cleaning, purchasing, selling, organizing, decluttering, so on and so forth, 2 times in 6 months!! And let me tell you, I am OVER moving.

I shall bloom where I am planted. I'm quite happy with this house (don't love the purple in it.. *sigh*) but other than that, I love it. We have lots of room, a huge yard, quiet & wonderful neighbours, it's convenient, and once again we are in the same city as all the people I love the very most in this world!



We finally finished cleaning & organizing Mya's bedroom yesterday. Well, 98% done anyways. I need to find a bookshelf or something for the end of her bed that'll give her some storage and hold a small tv and blu-ray player. We also have to set up her Barbie DreamHouse (Any volunteers? lol!) But other than this, her room is complete. It's needed done for a while but boy this kid has a busy & active social life!! It's hard to keep her home I swear! LOL!!

The Diabetes Association stops by today to pick up a donation of 2 huge boxes full of stuff along with a plastic Barbie house type thing. I sold a set of 3 coffee tables that don't work for us. I sold a set of wooden TV trays. I gave away ALL of our moving boxes on the Facebook marketplace (love that!!), and pretty much from top to bottom the house is organized. There are just a few small things that need done, paintings need up, my sister has a couple things to pick up, I need to find an end table for our lamp & a square storage ottoman but I'm not in a huge rush for these things, so will wait until I find exactly what I want, at the right price.

Dh is back to work, although only PT right now. I'm praying he gets a FT position sooner than later. I'm definitely back to work and am grateful to have so many local customers again!! My local peeps do not let me down! I have a couple of craft fairs that I'm excited about lined up (more on these soon) and have been picking up customs daily and working on RTS (Ready to Ship) items as time allows. My sewing list is full and I am grateful!

Needless to say it's been tough financially with this move, which I knew would be the case, but in the end it came down to my living somewhere I felt very isolated & alone, depressed, or coming back home and knowing it was exactly what my heart & soul needed. The heart wants what the heart wants, and mine wanted to be home. I know this move set us way, way back, but I'm refusing to feel guilty over it and am having faith that it'll all work out because I know in my heart of hearts, this is where I belong. I'm happy, my kids are happy, my friends & family are happy, Dh has his friends back again, and it just seems like all is *right* once again. I feel so very blessed, like I've been given a 2nd chance. Every day I'm just so happy now, after feeling depressed and crying almost daily for over 4 months, being happy & feeling at home where I belong, is something I won't ever take for granted again.

Onwards, today on my "to do" list I have:

  • 2 pick-ups for items I'm selling. A set of DVD's and a RTS item.
  • I need to complete a custom minky backed Christmas blanket.
  • I have a custom pillowcase to make.
  • Rewrite my custom orders out & lump them together. If I'm making one mini oil pouch, I may as well make a bunch of mini oil pouches, etc...
  • Pull fabrics for a new custom order, snap pics & send.
  • Send Dh to grocery store for a few items 'cause Dallas is staying for dinner! I miss my baby!!
  • Do a load of laundry after 7pm. This is one thing I wish I could have taken with me from Nova Scotia, NO stupid "Time of Use" rates.
  • Call & make hair appt.
  • Balance budget and pay internet/home phone bill.
  • Change & take out garbage & recycling.
  • Set up my pretty new recliner - which FedEx left outside on my front porch in the POURING RAIN without ringing the doorbell or knocking the door! I only knew it had been delivered because I checked the tracking online. SO not happy with the delivery of my last 2 orders from WayFair being delivered with FedEx. Last time they delivered my order *down the street* in the WET snow/ice rain and left it on the front step, AGAIN, without ringing their doorbell or knocking on the door. Guess who's getting a phone call from me today!? Love WayFair, NOT impressed with FedEx and want to see if I have any other options for delivery next time I order from WayFair. Why would they leave out cardboard boxes in tempermental weather!? If the sun was shining I'd understand, but in the rain & snow?! Seriously.... it just baffles me!!



And that's what's up for today! On that note, my coffee is empty so I'm going to get my day in motion! Thanks for stopping by, I'll be back tomorrow with something or other!

Enjoy your day!!