Life is good...
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My brave girl...


The dentist appointment today went well! Poor Mya though, the needle for freezing made her cry and my momma heart just broke for her, but other than that she was so brave for her first, and hopefully, only filling. The dentist we chose to go to was so gentle and calming, I absolutely LOVED her and will absolutely be going to her from here on in! She was very generous with us and cut our bill by a FULL 1/3rd since she knows we don't have coverage available to us! Isn't that awesome!? I was so grateful to her and relieved that she was so good and patient with Mya.

We ended up being out of the house for most of the day with several appointments & running around to do, so very little got accomplished sewing wise today. Which means tomorrow is going to be a full & busy sewing day! When I wake up in the morning I'll make myself a big mug of coffee and fill in my "Day Designer" planner for the day. It's my 2nd year using this planner and it's still absolutely perfect for my days! Love it and it's how I start my day, every single day! It keeps me on track and my productivity level high.

With tomorrow being February 1st, we're starting on our new budget, eek! It's been a *VERY* expensive couple of months to say the least, with something unexpected coming up today (I helped my oldest who is getting very little hours at work!) and that took another chunk of our savings. I'm really hoping that I'm able to replace the money that I've had to take out of savings eventually, but I'm trying not to stress over it. Right now my focus is simply month to month, and making ends meet. The huge hole in our savings account is simply life happening.

Anyways, let's see how this month plays out and find out how my "guesstimating" works, or doesn't work. New month, new start. If I wasn't so tired tonight I'd whip up a menu plan but instead I'm going to go snuggle up in bed and put menu planning on my list for tomorrow.

On that note, I hear my blankets calling my name... have a wonderful evening!