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I did it! And more random rambling...

Here an ache, there an ache...


Good evening everyone! How was your day? Mine was good!

I spent the afternoon hanging out with my sister & have been relaxing on the couch since after dinner tonight, snuggled under a quilt. I’m cozy & warm which helps my body as I am super achy & sore from all the sewing that I’ve been doing. My body desperately needs a little break. I actually need more than a "little break", but seeing as that's not possible, I'll take a mini 24 hour break.

Tomorrow morning I need to run some errands, I need to hit Canada Post, Pet Valu & get some grocery shopping done which will take up the better half of my day. Then i’ll spend the afternoon sewing, which will give my wrists a 24 hour break... from sewing anyways. At this point I can barely hold up my wrists, so this is not a good sign. I have a list of sewing that needs done & want to restock some items at the Merry Makers booth at the Western Fair as well. I've been sewing far too much without adequate rest and down time I know, but sometimes you don't get a choice in the matter and the show must go on!

I think it’s actually time to dig out my metal wrist braces again for a while though. I hate wearing them but no choice in the matter right now unfortunately! I need the support and I need to sew. So these will save my wrists in the meantime.

On another note, we are now a full 6 days into our new household budget and so far, so good! Although that may change tomorrow. I only have $150.00 left in our weekly budget without going over.

The cats need dry food & we don't buy the "cheap stuff". Chester has another vet appt next week for a booster shot and then the week after, he is getting neutered. My poor boy, but that will add up as well so I'm trying not to touch our slush fund unless it's absolutely needed.

We also need groceries. With our food allergies, grocery shopping is never cheap or easy. I'm going to take a quick peek in the freezer to see what we have left that I can base meals on and go from there. The pantry is looking mighty sparse too, so I need to stock up on some pantry foods as well.

It's going to take some time to get used to sticking with this new budget, and hopefully I don't totally fail on this one. Things will change when Dh gets more hours at work, but for now, we need to stay within budget and not fall into the habit of digging into our sinking funds each week. I budget week to week as I find that easiest, so tomorrow after I'm done my running around I'll post where our $ went this week. I'll be able to see what needs improved and what I did well with!

Well on that note I'm off... my wrists feel like they're going to snap and I need to check the grocery flyers before I forget! My bed is calling my name as well... I'm exhausted. Night!