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Sunday Sewing...

My week in a nutshell...


This week ended up being far busier for me than I had thought it would be, I was out almost every day I think doing this or that. The week is pretty much a blur at this point honestly because I'm absolutely exhausted. Next week I have more running around to do as well, but hopefully not as many days out of the house. Being out so much really throws me off schedule and I hate falling behind with my sewing. It stresses me out.

I wrote out a new sewing schedule for the week and if I stay on track I'll have all my custom orders (minus a large wholesale order) off of my sewing list by next Friday. Which leaves me a few days "free" in which I need to sew some goods up for the Merry Makers booth and another shop I'm putting my handmade creations in! Any guesses from the locals? I'm going to stick to just these 2 shops as I don't want to stretch myself too thin!

Chester had a booster this week as well and I was a little nervous for him because after his first shots he was so very lethargic and didn't really move much until the next morning. He had no interest in eating or drinking at all. So I told the vet this and because he had 2 shots last time they couldn't be sure which one he reacted to, so they gave him a dose of something or other along with his booster to counter-effect his booster. Apparently the special breeds like Ragdolls are more sensitive to medicines, etc... Well the dose of whatever they gave him definitely helped him this time as he was as mischevious and hungry as he ever is!

Note to self: I need to make another appointment to get him fixed within the next 2 weeks! Poor thing, doesn't know what's coming... lol!

On another note, my birthday was on Wednesday and I had my family over for dinner which was so nice!! We made a couple pans of lasagna and sat around talking together and just enjoying the chit-chat. Dallas came over and was going to bring his girlfriend so I could meet her, but she wasn't feeling well, and didn't want to share (bless her!) so I'll meet her another time soon!

I was given wonderful gifts which I absolutely love & am so grateful for!!

  • That absolutely adorable aqua OTT light up above! It matches my sewing room to perfection & helps with S.A.D. It has a special bulb with 3 settings. I also love that I can charge my iPhone in the back of it! I've been using it daily since I received it!
  • Tickets to see "The Sound of Music" at Budweiser Gardens in May! SO excited for this!!
  • A $50.00 gift card for Chapters.Indigo

I've been doing lots of sewing as per usual. Here's a simple denim zipper pouch I made today... I really love the simplicity and minimalist look of this pouch! It is available, if your're interested send me an email or msg me on my FB page.




And on that note, I'm off for the night... I have emails and PM's to reply to, but my wrists are done for the day. So I'll take care of those tomorrow, hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Thanks for peeking in!

PS - If you missed my last post, scroll back, it's a yummy giveaway!!