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Strep & the Croup

Thursday Things...


Well our March break plans have almost been totally crossed off our list unfortunately. Two out of three kids are sick here, *sigh* Mya had a high fever last night, and it's right back up this morning. So I made a dr's appt this afternoon so we can find out what's going on. She's been really good with when she gets sick lately, and it generally moves through her pretty fast now. Thankfullly she hasn't needed meds in quite a while either, so hopefully this moves through quickly as well. But I'll feel better when I know whether it's viral or not, so off we go to get her checked out.

We have tickets to the Grand Theatre this Saturday so I'm crossing my fingers that she's fever free and feeling somewhat better by then or we'll have to miss the show. Which will be a bummer 'cause we were excited for this show, as the Grand is one of our favourite things to do together! We shall see...

On another note, our taxes are officially DONE!!! Yay!! I'm so relieved to have those done and crossed off my list! It's a good thing! We're getting a nice little refund which will pay for our life insurance (I pay by the year and receive a discount for doing so) and will pay for some local summer fun as well! We won't be travelling at all this summer, which is ok with me! There's no place like home anyways!

On my sewing list today:

  1. Redo an NCW. After I was finished the entire wallet, I noticed the front was "crooked", not by a lot, and some I'm sure wouldn't notice, but I did, and that bothers me to no end. So a redo is needed, so today I'll fix it up and then I'll be happy!
  2. Make wrist straps for the other 2 NCW's I completed. One is custom and the other will be RTS!
  3. Complete a mug rug. It needs to be quilted, binding needs to go on and I'd like add some hand quilting as well. Once this is complete I can get this order in the mail and on the way this week!
  4. Cork Card wallets: I have them cut, but need to round the corners and sew them together so I can get them listed.
  5. Reply to PM's.
  6. Write out current sewing list.

Kind of a long list for having to get to & from a Dr's appt, and while I'm running on just a couple hours of sleep, but I'll give it a go and see what I can accomplish.

On that note, I'm off to get my day started! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!