My day in a nutshell...
I ain't saying she's a 'goal digger'...

I hate to do this... however...


I hate to do this because it honestly makes me feel terribly guilty, however, with 3 craft fairs on the horizon I need to focus on getting my work done & not replying to messages which are "needs & wants" from others. My sewing isn't a "hobby", it's a real job, and it puts food on the table for my family. So when I'm having to spend time replying to emails and PM's which have absolutely nothing to do with my life/business, but for yours, it's taking away precious time that I desperately need to reclaim. I don't like 12 hour sewing days. They suck. 

I need to spend time with my kids when I'm not working, I need to do housework when I'm not working, I need to sneak in  even just 10 minutes to simply "relax" when I'm not working. 

I feel like I'm failing in so many areas of my life right now, so unless you are on my "friends & family" list, or we have something "in progress", I'm afraid I won't be replying to your message right now. My customs are closed, and honestly it's all I can do to handle what's on my current day to day list. 

Things will settle down for me at the end of May, but until then, I'll be unavailable for things that Google is quite capable of handling. Please forgive me, but I need to do this for my self-preservation and all around sanity. 

Thank-you for understanding!