5 Happy Things...
Welcome to my insanity....

Please Don't Take it Personally...

I am insanely & crazy busy over the next couple of months, and to be quite honest, it's all I can do to keep my own head above water some days. I have a life that doesn't allow me to be at everyone's beck & call. So please don't take it personally if your PM's go unanswered. Especially if they're about *YOUR* needs/wants that can be accomplished and answers found, by simply doing your own work/research.




As much as I'd love to walk you through how to do your business taxes, where to find everything you need for your new sewing business, and how I "made this and did that", I simply don't have it in me. Not the time, nor the energy. I already had to do it all for myself, and yes, it's hard work, and no, you don't always find what you need right away, but I can promise you that it is quite rewarding to know that you built up what you have by your own accord! 

I do use hashtags on *most* of my posts and tag pattern designers, manufacturers, designers, shops, so on and so forth on Instagram & Facebook. I don't always, as I don't think I owe the world where I purchase/find everything, but often times I do. And I do that to help YOU (and me), so that I don't get endless PM's and questions. All I ask is that you please click on those hashtags for clues and names, click on them and see what you find! 

If all else fails, there's always google. *wink* 




On that note, it's already 9pm and I still have lots that I need to accomplish tonight! Have a wonderful night!