I ain't saying she's a 'goal digger'...
Happy Mail from DailyLike Canada!

So far, so good!!



I have 11 days until my first show and so far, so good I think! This is what I have completed thus far: 

  • 10 cork Slimline Wallets 
  • 10 linen Slimline Wallets 
  • 18 NCW's 
  • 29 single cork card wallets
  • 26 folding cork card wallets

I have 11 sewing days left until my first show arrives and on my list still is the following: 

  • 3 styles of oil pouches: Mixed mini, roller ball & large. At *LEAST* 12 of each style for the first show, then I have 7 sewing days between my first show and my second show to sew like mad again and fill in any 'bare spots'. I'll make more of the mini's as they sell the best. I'll be making more for my next 2 shows as I'm expecting them to be full & busy!! 
  • NCW's, yes, more. But these are a BIG seller and I want to be FULL for each show! At least another 8 or so depending on how many sell in each show. I'm usually cleaned out at my Merry Makers Show which is my 2nd show and if that happens, I'll be sewing day & night for my 3rd show which I've heard is a good one!  
  • Slimline wallets. I'd like to get some Tula Pink wallets in here. Maybe another 8'ish. 
  • Passport wallets. I won't be making a huge amount of these, but would like to have about 12'ish. 
  • Patchwork pencil pouches. I'd be happy with 8-10 of these. 
  • Cosmetic pouches. I'll probably aim for 14'ish. Some small, some large. 
  • Keyfobs. Not set amount on these, I'll rummage through my scraps and see what I have. Ideally at least 30'ish or so. 

As you can see, I have my work cut out for me still, but at least I feel like I've made some progress now with this pile on my dresser! 

Today I'm going to switch gears and make some mini oil pouches. Then I'll work on those patchwork pencil pouches as well. 

Yesterday I finished those 10 Linen Slimline wallets that I've been working on, and they were finished before dinner which is soo nice! I took the night 'off' & brought Mya to soccer along with the book I chose to read - "The Secret Life of Bees". I managed to get 2 chapters read inbetween watching her play which was nice. I also drank my full allotment of water yesterday so will keep that up too! Today I need to get that menu plan down for my weekly goal list!

I should probably look at our budget and figure out Mya's birthday gifts as well, it's tough because she pretty much wants everything, but the list she gave me consists of junky craft kits from WalMart - which I really don't want to buy because they won't last. I'm stumped as to what to buy for her this year, she's a spoiled little girl and really has "everything". I just don't know. I usually shop online but it's tough for her, so I'd rather get out to shop but the weather is absolute CRAP. It's cold, icy and freaking snowing AGAIN. I'm honestly getting tired of this neverending January... 

On that note, I'm off to get my day started! 


*If* you are coming to any of my shows, are there any items in certain fabrics that you'd love to see?