A Simple, Relaxing, Beautiful Sunday...

And the verdict is...

Without a doubt, I should have went to the optometrists long before now. My left eye is 2x as bad as my right eye, so my right eye has been overcompensating for my left eye. Otherwise, my eyes are very healthy and no issues at all. Anyways, I need glasses for distance, so tv and driving. I don't drive, so tv, movies, etc... which is what I figured and why I went. He said I don't really need them for my devices (phone, iPad, etc) but I think I may just need them for my iPad a bit as even writing this post is giving me some eye strain with the teeny tiny text. *sigh* 

We went to a handful of eyewear shops today and I was able to try on a bunch of different styles, colours, frame sizes, etc... I know what I want and what looks good. I also know that I don't want to drop $300-$400 on a pair of glasses for watching tv & movies, especially since I really don't watch very much when it comes to tv & movies at all. LOL!! 

After shopping around and comparing prices, I've decided to purchase my glasses online and save a hefty chunk of change! I found these black & baby pink glasses and just love them! They're almost identical to a pair I found tonight at a shop we went to and loved them as well, except that these ones are $200 cheaper. Yes please. 



The only information that I don't have on my prescription that I need to order online, is the PD (Pupil Distance), so I'll call the optometrist tomorrow and see if I can get that information then place my order and hope they come in quickly! 

Onwards, we were literally out all day today, and now I need to find something for dinner, sew, reply to PM's & emails, edit photos to post, so on and so forth. 

Tomorrow we're seeing "The Sound of Music" at Budweiser Gardens (My birthday present! From February, so nobody needs to wish me a happy birthday.. hahaha!) and I'm crazy excited to see it!! It's probably my favourite movie of all time, and I know all the words, even though nobody want to hear me sing, I may just hum a few lyrics for myself... *wink* 



Sunday I intend on doing absolutely not much at all... however, I will have to sew, without a doubt. I have a wholesale order that I need to focus on and get as much done as humanly possible. Then I have an order for a "Sewing Date Traveler" that I'd like to start making progress on and work through the end of my custom orders as well. Now that I've more or less caught up with dr's appts I put off while I prepped for the craft shows, and most of my running around (I still need a valid health card for myself... so I should try to get this taken care of one day next week). And now I need to focus on completing stuff on my list and come up with a plan for making RTS (Ready to Ship) work for me & others! 

Well I need to make it downstairs or I'll never accomplish anything on my list today - it's already going to be a late night for me, so I'm off! I hope everyone had a fabulous day! Thanks for peeking in!