The week ahead...
WIP Wednesday...

Happy Monday!



Good Morning! It's a grey & gloomy day here so far, sitting at 14c (57F) and going up to 20c which is a reach from all the heat we've been getting, but I'm ok with that! We'll save the August weather for August! LOL!! 

I ended up finding, and ordering a tarp off of Amazon last night so I can cross one of my weekly goals off of my list already - which is a nice start to the week! However, I didn't finish my DailyLike project last night so I have to tack that onto my list this week. By the end of the day I'm honestly totally exhausted and really need to find a way to have everything done on my list before 7pm hits, except laundry I suppose so I'm not stuck doing laundry all weekend, every weekend! 

I have a nice beef roast sitting in the fridge that I'm going to throw in the crock pot shorlty for dinner tonight, so at least that part of my day is taken care of! I'll pair it with baby potatoes, veggies & gravy and am debating on making homemade buns to go along with it as well. 

Today on my sewing list I have the following: 

  1. Complete DailyLike mini quilt/table topper. This needs hand stitching & binding. 
  2. Butterfly mug rug. I found a pretty appliqué pattern that I'd like to try! 
  3. Work on Sewing Date Traveler custom order. I'd like to have everything completely interfaced, main body quilted and the sections together and ready to complete! 
  4. Complete swap pouch, add extra items and pkg to mail! 
  5. Make a few items for my RTS album - this is a stretch as I probably won't have time, but I'll slap it in here anyways... 

And on my household list: 

  1. Declutter kitchen, dining room, living room, main entrance. 
  2. Sweep & Mop kitchen & dining room. 
  3. Sweep & Mop main entrance. 
  4. One load of laundry folded & put away. 
  5. Scrub upper bathroom.
  6. Scrub lower bathroom. 
  7. Look into purchasing a Costco membership. (Yay or Nay?) 

And on that note, I'm going to get my day started! Lots to do and it's already creeping up on 10:00am! Eek!

Have a fabulous Monday!