What a way to start July...

Five Things Friday!


Good Morning! I keep thinking it’s Saturday for some reason, so hopefully writing a “Five Things Friday” post will help keep things straight for me! LoL! It’s a long weekend here, Canada Day! And we don’t really have any plans yet. It’s going to be a scorcher though! It’s Ed’s birthday but he works on his birthday so i’m planning on having a nice dinner & cake on Sunday for him, other than that I have no idea what the weekend ahead holds! 

Onwards to my 5 Things for Friday! 

  1. Our pool! It’s soo hard to figure things out and we can’t seem to get the saltwater pump to work properly! I’m hoping my Father-in-Law will be able to get over sometime this weekend to take a look at it or i’m afraid we’re going to have to end up dumping all the water in it and will be starting over from scratch. In which case I will cry. I ran the filter last night which helps, and i’ll run it again today in hopes that it helps because the kids *really* want to enjoy it this weekend, and it’s far too hot to be dragging them to & from the splash pad for me to sit in the heat while they play. At least here we can have our cold drinks, sit on a chair under the umbrella and pop in the house to cool off quickly!
  2. Sewing! I need to get a couple of NCW’s completed this weekend, as one is for pick up on Sunday, and the other has already been paid for. So today i’ll be starting those and my goal is to get all the fabrics ironed, interfaced, and pieces put together (flap, body, card slots and zipper section) so I can put them all together and have them done bright & early tomorrow morning for pics! Having them done tonight would be ideal, but i’ll see about that ‘cause we really need to figure out how to get the pool pump reading & running correctly! 
  3. Heat Wave! We are in the midst of a scorcher week here... when I woke up this morning it was already 29c (84.2F), and is supposed to reaching 38c (100.4F) this afternoon. The humidex factor is supposed to hit mid 40’s (113F). So sticking around the house with the AC flowing like milk & honey seems to be a good idea! What’s the weather like where you are? My East coast bestie literally *just* turned off her heat last week!! One day last week it was only -2c in Cape Breton! Brrr!! They have literally had no spring, and no summer yet. 
  4. The Queen! Everything came back clean from the Vets with my cat. No UTI and no other health conditions. She’s a healthy 16 year old cat with no health concerns at all. This is a huge relief to me!! She does has a *bit* of inflammation which we were told is probably “stress related” AKA: Chester. *sigh* So, we’re trying to keep her happy and will keep the little wild man away from her when she sneaks upstairs to nap as well. We’ve added another little box for her and i’m really hoping this helps things for her. I was sent home with a medication for her “just in case”, which is going to be a real treat giving to her 2x a day for the next 14 days. I don’t know that i’ll make it out alive truth be told. Today I got “most” of it in her mouth I think, but in the process she cut my wrist by a good inch wide! It stings something fierce too! LOL!! 
  5. Vacation? Not really a vacation as we’re definitely not in the position to go anywhere this year, but I have a friend flying in to visit from the 4th-7th and will without a doubt be taking those 4 days off from sewing, etc... I may just round it off to a week, as I could desperately use some time off to rest and just enjoy some ‘free time’, but it really depends on how much I can get accomplished in the next 5 days I suppose! I’m going to hustle and hope to cross a good amount of things off my list. My sewing book it downstairs so I can’t even remember what all I need to get done, but I’m going to take a look and go from there I suppose! 

And those are my “5 Things Friday!” PS: Those beautiful Rifle Paper Co. cork coin purses above, I just listed them on my FB page, and they’re all available and ready to ship! 



On that note, i’m off to be productive and all of that... 

What are your “5 Things Friday?”