Our summer fun...
You take the good, you take the bad...

Five Things Friday!



Good Morning! It’s a bright & beautiful Friday! I love a good “Five Things Friday” post, so here we go! 

  1. FACEBOOK: I’m currently taking a “Facebook Hiatus” on my personal FB account. I haven’t been on Facebook since last Sunday morning and I have to say, “it’s a good thing!”. I have chatted with friends on messenger and obviously used my business page, but other than that, nada. And so far, i’m not missing it. I think i’m definitely going to be extending my FB break, perhaps to a full month. FB is such a huge time waster for me, on Instagram I quickly scroll, like & comment on a few posts that catch my eye, post what’s needed, then off I go. I don’t do twitter or any other social media platform really, so it’s just FB. Lately I just don’t have the patience to deal with all the BS on FB. When I do go back, i’ve decided that i’m going to drastically cut back my ‘friends’ list to those whom I actually interact with back & forth. 
  2. SWIMMING POOL: I’m hoping to get the rest of the pool set up today! Saltwater filter installed, more water in the pool, so on and so forth! It’s supposed to be a HOT weekend so it will be a good few days to warm up the water! One of the men helping with pool set up is a retired electrician so i’m grateful that he’ll be helping (or more like me helping) to set up the filter! 
  3. SEWING: I need to hustle this weekend! I think i’m going to try to finish up a couple NCW’s and start on a few STB’s (Sew Together Bags). My sewing room is also a disaster so I need to organize and clean it top to bottom before I even start sewing! I also need to finish pkg’ing up a few orders and get them ready to mail today! 
  4. LAUNDRY: Oh my goodness... I am starting to think that I will never, ever, ever be caught up with laundry. *sigh* I always plan on doing laundry later in the evening when it’s not so expensive, but then I don’t want to spend 3 hours in the evening on laundry after i’ve already been doing housework and working all day!! So it ends up mostly piling up until the weekend hits. So guess what i’ll be doing all weekend? Yep, you got it! Laundry, laundry, and more laundry!! 
  5. PATTERN SALE: Our pool is quite expensive: we’ve paid just as much for “pool accessories” and associate expenses and all the costs associated with it are adding up! Ouch!! I’m dreading our next water/hydro bill, so I’ve put all my Craftsy Patterns on sale to help offset the costs associtated with our first pool! The price of each pattern has already been discounted 25% and can be purchased directly through Craftsy! My patterns are beginner friendly and have wonderful reviews! You’re also able to create items on a small scale and sell them! So it’s easy enough to make your $ back! 

Those are my 5 Things for Friday! I’m off to be productive today, enjoy your day!!