Sunday. What’s on my mind... how my week went, etc...



*This sweet avocado paper piecing pattern was created by @QuiltyPie on Instagram. I’m not exactly sure what i’ll be turning it into yet, but for now i’ll just enjoy it’s cuteness factor! 


Good Morning! Thanks SO MUCH for all your wonderful comments on my post... obviously i’ve been feeling that I am ‘lacking’ lately, so your kind comments were truly uplifting to read. I sooo appreciate them! Now if I can just change what my brain keeps thinking & telling me i’d be set! 

Today I just have a short list as my mom and sister are visiting this afternoon, so I don’t want to be stuck in my sewing room ignoring them while they’re here visiting!

On my Monday list: 

  1. Keyfobs; Blue Jays & a custom Amalfi linen to go along with a wallet order.
  2. Work on a few Slimline Wallets (1 custom, 2 for RTS) 
  3. Take photos of a DailyLike project & post. 
  4. Place Amazon order for a few items. 
  5. Return my Foldio 2 as one of the lights doesn’t work and I think I can make do with something easier for my photos. In case anyone is wondering...
  6. I have 3 local pick-ups so must get those items ready to go!

A very short list to be sure for today! On that note i’m going to leave this post short n’ sweet and get my day started! 

What’s on your Monday “to do” list?