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Sunday. What’s on my mind... how my week went, etc...

Monday Musings...



This is how I try to live my life as much as possible. I push myself (often too much) and use self-discipline. There are often times things i’d much rather not do, and many times i’d rather ignore something and pretend it doesn’t need done, etc... this for me is generally not a problem. 

In life you need self-discipline or you won’t accomplish much of anything. Often times I hear people complaining about how they’re not succeeding in “insert whatever it is here”, and truthfully you will only get out of life, what you put in. 

Nobody owes you anything, nor will most people see much success from being lazy and putting in the minimum effort required to get through life. 

Mind you, you can definitely push yourself too hard, which I often do to myself, but i’m trying to mend my evil ways and be gentler with myself. I’m trying to cut out stress as much as possible and doing little things for my self-preservation & self-care.

So far i’ve: 

  • Stayed off of my personal Facebook account for a full week today. Good & bad... *mostly* good. I did however miss 2 very important things that I wouldn’t have missed had I of checked in. Less stress to be sure, and less time wasted. I think checking FB is going to start being a weekly thing, rather than a daily thing.
  • I downloaded a ‘water’ APP to help me stay on track with drinking 6-8 glasses of water every day. The APP is called “My Water” if anyone is interested.
  • I took it semi-easy with my sewing this week. I accomplished a lot, but tried to push myself less than I usually do, which means not sewing until 10pm at night when I start sewing early in the morning. No 12 hour sewing days. 
  • Picked up my book to read again. 
  • Spent time outside just relaxing and enjoying our peaceful & quiet neighborhood. 

Mind you there’s only so much I can do to “take it easy” on myself when Dh’s hours are as horrible as they are right now. But all the same, i’m trying. 

Self-discipline means that I need to be disciplined to take care of myself as well, and for me, that’s the tough part. Not pushing through long days, busting my butt to reach a goal, or working hard. For me it’s the opposite, taking it easy, being kind to myself and giving myself some slack. THAT is what I need to work on... 

On that note, i’m going to grab my coffee, feed Dh as he just got home from work, and start crossing things off my list! I’m meeting an online friend for coffee today so I need to tidy up the house and organize my sewing room as well! 

Have a wonderful day! 


How do you keep yourself disciplined?

Does self-care come harder for you as well, or is ‘doing the work’ where more discipline is needed?