Sunday. What’s on my mind... how my week went, etc...

Sunday. What’s on my mind... how my week went, etc...

End of a week and this is what’s on my mind... good & bad. 

  • How blessed I am to have such wonderful customers. I truly mean that... I have so many amazing customers, and a handful of them have turned into great friends, one of them a very close friend! What a wonderful “bonus” for me! 
  • That i’m getting over blogging. I’m debating on “closing shop”. I don’t really blog regularly, I don’t know who even bothers to read, and I just don’t know whether I should bother overall. 
  • How I hate to feel “lesser than”. And it’s just my reflecting from what other’s are doing, or seem to be doing. I never feel like what I do, or who I am is “enough”. I struggle with this so much. Some days I feel like “WOW, what an awesome day! I accomplished a lot, everything is good!!” Other days though, “meh... I can’t compare to her, to that, so on and so forth... “. 
  • I’m trying *SO* hard to resist purchasing this gorgeous ROOTS bag: I have a GC from Mother’s Day that I haven’t used, but it’ll only cover a little less than half of this bag. Soo.. i’ll just admire it from afar I think for now. I’m honestly not even a “bag” person, but I saw this one in person and I love the small size of it, I love that it sits flat, but would hold my glasses, inhaler, wallet etc without being big & bulky. 


  • Dh picked up an extra shift tonight and i’m grateful. His hours are absolutely laughable. Lucky him getting to retire at his age... *sigh* Not really, but that’s what his hours feel like. So I sew my life away most days... lol! 
  • I’m going to set myself up a sewing schedule and make myself stick to it. So “work” will be Monday-Friday, whatever start time to finish time, or a certain amount of work done for me to be able to “call it a day”. I want my weekends back so I can focus on getting stuff around the house done, doing things i’d like to do, personal sewing projects, etc... 
  • It’s grey & rainy today and i’m glad it is. We need the rain. It also means I get to stay in without any guilt of not doing what I “should” be doing. I do *need* to get out for some things, but it’s downpouring, and supposed to be all day, so lucky me gets to stay in my PJ’s today, puttering around the house, working housework, laundry, my sewing list, etc... 
  • I’m taking photos of 2 weddings this summer! Small and intimate weddings, but still, how cool is that!? Both are family members and i’m looking forward to taking the photos for them! No stress on my part as they seem very happy that i’m willing to do the photos for them, so i’m just happy that I can do this for them! Give them some some precious memories with a little bit of my time and photography skills, and save them some $$! That’s a good thing! 
  • I pared down on my FB friends list again. I keep on ‘trimming’ my list down until I get it down to family & friends who I talk with regularly. Who support me, I support them and our friendships are 2 way streets. I respect them, I admire them, they inspire me. Not just because I “should” be friends with them for business or social media reasons, but because I want to be friends with them. This has helped my stress level immensely! 
  • I’ve been really good with drinking my water lately and it shows!! My skin is amazing... it took a water APP nagging at me to drink enough water all day, but it’s working! I’ll chug that last glass before bed just so I can fill up that APP for the day! 

And I think that’s it from me today... what’s on your mind today? How’s your weekend going?