Why does your *insert item here* cost "so much?"
Happy Monday!

The week ahead...


Pretty peonies in my front garden... 


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I had a nice weekend, but I didn't accomplish nearly as much as I had hoped. As per usual... sometimes it feels as though I'll never 'catch up'. I guess that's just the way life goes! 

The weekend is winding down and tonight I'm hoping to accomplish the following: 

  • Finish the mini quilt/table topper that I'm working on with my DailyLike fabrics. I need to do lots of hand stitching and binding on it, but it's a good project to work on while a movie is on. So I'll probably watch a movie tonight and work on this. 
  • Tidy up the main floor because it's driving me crazy. Part of it is because we have a pool sitting in our living room... lol! It's a big box and we need to get it set up but we need to get out to purchase a tarp before we can do that, and I haven't had the time yet. 
  • Pkg a few small orders to pop in the mailbox tomorrow morning before mail pick up.

I'll be happy to accomplish these things tonight... onwards.

Looking to the week ahead i'm going to make a list of 10 goals that I'd like to accomplish! 

  1. Dh's hours are absolutely horrible over the next couple of weeks, (soo bad) so I absolutely need to make a handful of RTS (Ready to Ship) items and get them listed and into my album to sell! I know not everyone who reads my blog "does facebook", so is there interest for my posting here? If not, I won't bother. :) 
  2. Take the kids to the "RecRoom". They're very excited to go and i've promised them that we'd go this week! I'm leaning towards going on Tuesday... 
  3. Catch up on the laundry. I'll set the alarm on my phone so I put on a load every night at 7pm. That was one of the good things about living in Cape Breton, no stupid "Time of Use" in place. Want to do laundry at 11am? Yes! Go for it! Need to run the dishwasher at 4pm? Go ahead!! Not in Ontario... better wait till 7pm or else you're going to pay dearly for using hydro any other time! 
  4. Cross 3 items off of my "Customs" list. I'm getting *very close* to being "done", so I'm just plugging away at my list while I try to work on RTS at the same time. Not so easy when there are only so many hours in the day... 
  5. Take a little trip to KnitStitch to pick up a beautiful Art Gallery fabric bundle that's being held for me. I have one single bill tucked aside for this, and that has to cover any & all purchases! Must stick to my resolve! Must be strong!! Must not use plastic to purchase more fabric! 
  6. Carve out 40 minutes a day to read! I was doing so well, then I let it slide. I'll pick up my stupid phone and browse social media instead of reading. Bad habit... so if I can squeeze in 2 - 20 minute breaks a day to sit down and read, I'll be able to finish my current read! I'm reading an autobiography about John Lithgow called "Drama". I'm quite enjoying it so far... 
  7. Complete my swap pouch and add a few fun extra items, pkg & pop it in the mail!! Will be sending with tracking, so I actually need to get to the post office for this one! 
  8. Get out to purchase a tarp (or preferably order online if I can find an affordable one!) so we can set up our pool! I've ordered a solar pool cover and it'll be arriving this week, I can't wait to get it set up! The kids are extra excited!!
  9. Perform one RAK (Random Act of Kindness) this week, no idea what it'll be, I'm sure I'll know what needs to be done when I "see" it. 
  10. Blog daily. It's a good outlet for me, I just sometimes feel like the post has to "really" count, but honestly sometime a simple post is ok too! 

And there's my list for the week ahead! Wish me luck! 


Do you make weekly goals?

Do you have any goals for the upcoming week ahead?