Five Things Friday!


My blog post titles are not exactly as catchy as some of them out there, but so be it. LOL!! 

Yesterday we went to see Jurrasic World 2, we all loved it!! Was very suspenseful and quite terrifying for me! The kids absolutely loved it too, even Mya! She didn’t blink an eye... LOL! We’re lucky we even got to see it though...

Right before we left, I was switching wallets because now that I have to carry glasses in a case my small purses aren’t working well for me. And me being me, left our movie tickets in the wallet that I couldn’t use because it was too big for my purse... ack! Naturally I didn’t realize this until we got to the movies and were just about to go in. Thankfully I spoke to the manager and was able to prove that I had purchased the tickets and when, so he reprinted them off for us and off we went. But man... kids were so bummed and I felt so stupid! Ugh! 

This is one time I was quite thankful for technology as I was able to prove I purchase those tickets with the Scene card number, bank statement & last 4 digits on my Visa debit card! And thankfully the manager was nice and worked with me to get me my tickets! 

When we got home I fed peopled then went to work for a few hours only to get absolutely NOTHING accomplished but a tonne of seam ripping. I’m using new interfacing on my Slimline wallets and it’s too thick when all is said & done for my top stitching so my machine keeps skipping stitches. 



I managed to get 2 of them top stitched, but have 2 waiting and so far, no go. I may either just set them aside, or sell them discounted because I can’t top stitch them. It doesn’t affect them in any way, shape or form, but all the same... *sigh* I’m going to make another Slimline Wallet and completely change how I layer my interfacing etc. My mom is coming over today and she’s going to give me ideas. She’s been sewing forever & ever and is a pro, so i’ll see what she says and go from there. 

On another note, my cat (the Queen) is NOT a happy girl. I know she doesn’t like Chester, but I don’t know if that’s what’s causing her to pee on EVERYTHING, but it’s driving me absolutely insane over the last few days. I can’t concentrate on anything as i’m on clean up & laundry duty 24/7, so today she’s going to the vet to see what’s going on. If it’s attitude, hopefully he’ll have some ideas for us, and if it’s a health issue, hopefully it’s easily corrected! Her appointment is at 4:00pm. She’s 15+ so she’s not exactly young, but has been 100% fine (in my opinion) with her health and everything else. She is sore some days with her age (arthritis) but otherwise, a healthy, happy enough cat. 

Ok, it’s already 10:30 am and I haven’t done much of anything yet today, ack! (exhausted from not sleeping) and I really should make my list for the day and hustle!! I hope everyone has a fabulous day! Will update about the Queen after her appointment today... crossing my fingers that it’s an easy fix!!