Happy Monday!
Buh-bye Wynne!!!

WIP Wednesday...

  1. Good Morning! It's WIP Wednesday (Work in Progress). I haven't played along in a while, so I'm going to join in with the "Needle & Thread Network" today!

Here's what I have on the go... 


  1. Lots of new NCW's! 2 of 8 have already been claimed, but the rest will be up for grabs! I'll share sneak peeks on IG (@cpeicheff) and on my FB page (*Link to the side under the little "F" icon). I hope to get them all ironed & cut today, cork chosen & cut, with interfacings ironed on, and zippers/notions pulled etc... 
  2. Sewing Date Traveller: I'd like to get all the pieces interfaced with all the pockets complete. I have an idea for the front pocket and it'll take longer than the rest. 
  3. Daily Like Canada mini quilt. I have just the hand binding to complete on this and will probably hand bind tonight and snap pics tomorrow to share my completed mini! 






I seriously need to hustle today. Yesterday I took a little trip to the post office to mail a handful of orders, and then went to Knit Stitch, so that took up most of my day by the time we got home. Will share more photos of this adorable shop later after I flip them all - for some reason my blog wants to post every single photo sideways - so that's fun. rolls eyes


Anyway, this is the *ONLY* local fabric shop I'll shop at because first, it's a locally owned small business - Suzanne is simply amazing!! And because she carries such beautiful, modern, high end fabrics!! Yarns too, on my goodness, I'm glad that I don't knit/crochet or I'd surely be doomed... hahaha!! Yet, I still go around the shop touching all of them and drool over the beautiful quality and colours! 




We got home and I realized that I was out of coffee filters (ack!!) soo.... back out we went. I had a couple more orders to mail by this time & needed to grab a prescription and a few other items. So by the time we got home again it was 6:30pm and I had only had a small early breakfast and had been out & about all day. Soo, no work was done. Instead we ate dinner, relaxed & played a game of Trivial Pursuit. 

Ok, onwards... 

Completed items: 

  1. I pattern tested this absolutely adorable "Panda Pouch" pattern by Lisa at "Stubbornly Crafty" (*She updates on IG, I'd follow her there!) and it's just the sweetest pattern! If you remember my making a handful of lamp zippy pouches, this is the same designer. Definitely an adorable pattern and something you'll want to purchase! Great for gifts!! 




2. A sweet little butterfly mini (5x7") for a custom order. This pattern is appliqué and so pretty! When I have time I'll definitely be making a few more to put on items.... *Free pattern by Sariella




And apparently that's all I've accomplished so far this week! Thus the reason that I need to hustle! LoL!!

What else do I need to complete this week... looking at my list, just keyfobs and what I'm working on above. I do have a few other orders for "Sew Together Bags", but those are on my list for next week. I have more than enough to focus on this week! Ack! 

On that note, I'm going to get my day started so I can hopefully be uber productive today! 

Have a wonderful day and thanks for peeking in!