IPad for sale... ***SOLD***
Our summer fun...

Y’all didn’t know I was a Sheriff in my spare time!?








Ok, not my car, but sooo cute! I was at WalMart with my mom today picking up a few things when we walked into the parking lot and saw this adorable car!! 

Naturally I wanted a pic to share, so I asked the gentleman standing beside it if I could snap a photo, he insisted I took a few pics and assured me that it would be extra cool if I sat in it for a pic too! He was so nice and while we were chatting I learned that he was from Sydney, NS, pretty much *exactly* where we moved from in Cape Breton! He and his wife had just “officially” retired and we were chatting for a few minutes about his travels etc... 

Anyway, long story short, such a sweet man and I got my pic taken in this rockin’ car! Hahaha!!! 

Onwards... I got some wonderful happy mail today!! 

New organic Cloud9 fabrics... i’m all about blue lately, so I just love these prints! I definitely see these on a wallet or two sooner than later! I thought perhaps when I was all caught up i’d be able to take a bundle of fabric and spend a week creating with it, then release a stack of items on the weekend for a RTS sale. That would be ideal... however, it doesn’t seem like this is going to happen any time soon. LOL!! I’ll make it a goal for the summer sometime and see how it goes. 



And yesterday I received this lovely handmade pouch and all these amazing goodies!! Isn’t this pouch so awesome! I love the colours and the fun pineapple blocks just make me smile! I love the ‘maker’ linen especially in this nice mustard colour! This was from an amazing Instagram swap I was in... i’m tempted to host a small swap soon, but i’ll haave to wait until things slow down a bit at least. 




And more happy mail! Beautiful gold metal teeth zippers! I just adore these zippers but since they cost me a small fortune, they’re not something I regularly keep on hand. But I decided that they’d be nice to have on hand for my wallets and some smaller pouches! Before 101 people ask me where I purchased from, Etsy. I receive sooo many questions and honestly don’t have the time to grab the links for every single item I purchase, over and over again for everyone. But I figure if I can find them, everyone else can too. *wink* The shades are much softer than I thought, but I absolutely love them! Beautiful and they open and close very smoothly which is a must as well! 



I spent most of the day outside today running errands so I didn’t get a lot of sewing done, but I did manage to get all my oil pouches interfaced, cork sewn on and trimmed. I also finished a masculine boxy pouch for a custom order which is being picked up tomorrow! The oil pouches will be completed & listed tomorrow! A few have already been spoken for, but if you’re wanting one, stay tuned.... 



Overall a good & busy day, and I managed to get lots done! I mailed out a huge pile of orders today which is super awesome and i’m SO happy to have all those crossed off my list! *whoosh* Stress gone! Haha! Well not all of it, but still... I like crossing stuff off my list! 

Oh! I also picked up my prescription glasses & sunglasses today.. and WOW! What a difference... I was honestly shocked at the difference. *blush* I had definitely put off my ‘eyes’ for far too long. I hate taking selfies, but when I get a half decent photo of myself i’ll share a pic, in the meantime, here’s one of Mya in my glasses instead.. haha!! I chose the wire frames because they’re so lightweight and easy to wear... hoping they last me for a while and my prescription doens’t change any time soon! 




On that note, i’m going to sign off for the night! Enjoy the rest of your evening! :)