What a way to start July...
Warp & Weft Birds & Berries Reveal... :)

And just like that...


My baby is home! I’m *quite* impressed with the amazing service at NOVA Sewing from the Wortley Village location here in London! I brought in my machine on Saturday, and received a phone call first thing this morning telling me that my machine was ready for pick up already! A friend offered to take me to pick up my machine this afternoon as she was in town for an appointment, which I was super grateful for! I gifted her a cork keyfob and cork card wallet as a small token of my appreciation. 

I haven’t had a chance to sew yet, as we had to work on the pool when I got home (having a pool is driving me slightly insane, it’s SO much work, and SO expensive!!) I swear every single day we are running back & forth to Canadian Tire to grab this & that for the pool. I’ve sunk soo much money into this and we still can’t get the salt water system running properly. If I have to call a pool guy to the house it’s $150 for the first hour, then $25/hr thereafter. So i’m getting to the point that i’m just going to empty it and consider it one, huge, VERY expensive mistake. I’ve made quite a few of those this year, so hey, what’s one more!? 

Tomorrow a dear friend is in town until the 7th, so I won’t have much sewing time at all, but I am hoping to get something sewn up to test out my machine in the morning, so I can make sure it’s running “good as gold”! Since the main issue I had with my JUKI was skipped stitches, I’ve decided to slightly revamp the way I interface my Slimline Wallet to make it more “top-stitch” friendly. I will share what I do and update my pattern as well! I’ve switched my “lightweight” interfacing to a woven, and i’m certain that’s why my ‘bulk’ has went up, and made top-stitching a little more difficult to deal with! I really don’t want to have to purchase an industrial machine, i’ve never wanted one and I never had one on my “wish list”.

If in time it comes down to that I will need an industrial sewing machine one day, i’ll have to figure it out when the time comes. But for now my plan is to simply revamp a few of the items that I currently make and i’ll go from there! It’s all I can do right now really... the thought of purchasing an industrial sewing machine right now puts my stomach in knots. 

Onwards, I’ve decided that i’m probably going to open up a handful of custom spots this week. Ideally i’d like to be only RTS (Ready to Ship) but, It’s a slow time for me, which is not a good thing right now with the amount of money that’s been flowing out. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. I feel like I can’t win lately at all. I’ve been so stressed out about our finances, and that’s not exactly a good thing. I need to get things flowing again and work on bulking up my RTS items & creating some new items to list. I have a handful of items on my sewing list that i’ll be working on this week and I have some items that i’d like to make and add to my RTS album as well. 

And on that note, it’s 11:09 and I still need to clean the kitchen, tidy up and I have to set my alarm to be up bright & early if I want to sneak in some sewing time before my friend arrives in town!

Have a good night everyone!!