Sunday in a nutshell...
Something pretty for someone special...

I have a wedding... to attend & to shoot!

My cousin is getting married in a month and i’m taking photos for them - SO freaking nervous, but he’s pretty laid back and has faith in me, so God willing all goes well and I can pull this off without a hitch. I have a bag full of expensive, high end lenses to choose from and i’m pretty good with a camera I think. So I should be good to go... *crosses fingers* 

Well, I realized today that I have nothing to wear. Jeans are a no go for this affair.. haha! So I had a little panic attack and decided to get a head start on my shopping. I tend to wear the same brands that I know fit well and last long. I’m a creature of habit, what can I say. 

Off to GAP online I went where I promptly found these adorable skinny ankle dress pants on sale. After applying another discount code I got these $80.00 pants down to just under $34.00 with the taxes included! Score! I am hoping that I bought the right sized pants, I haven’t bought GAP pants in a few years and last time I did, I was a 00. I am not that size now.. haha! I’m not much bigger, but I wasn’t sure whether to grab a 2 or a 4, so I went for the 4 as I need to be able to move & bend in them for the photos. Hoping I chose the right size, ‘cause that’ll save me a headache with returning them. 


5BE9AF3D-577C-4149-82E0-E977F7DF7657The shoes she’s wearing are fabulous, but i’d absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, break an ankle in those.


Now I need to find a flowy feminine floral tunic or dress shirt of some kind (i’m really not a frou-frou type of person) so it may not be to feminine at all, but i’ll see how brave i’m feeling when I go shopping... *wink* And i’ll need to find a little pair of adorable flats to wear as well. 

Since i’m taking photos for the wedding I quickly vetoed a skirt or a dress right away. Sometimes when you’re taking photos, your body needs to bend into interesting positions... well, a dress and a skirt just wasn’t going to cut it. Plus I hate wearing skirts and dresses. I think i’ve literally worn a dress ONCE in the last 20 years. LOL!! But i’m totally using the excuse that i’m the photography as an “out” to not have to wear a dress or a skirt... 

I need to get Maria out for an outfit this month, and I think she’ll end up in leggings and pretty tunic of some sort too, ‘cause she takes after her momma. *wink* 

I’m hoping everyone else is mostly set so I won’t need to drop hundreds of $$ on dress clothes we probably won’t ever wear again. LOL!! 

Ah well... I need to go clean the kitchen & get myself to bed. I wasn’t nearly as productive today as I had hoped with my sewing, so tomorrow I need to hustle and not get side-tracked by sunshine, beautiful weather, good books and long, meandering walks. *sigh* 

Have a great night everyone!!