Back to it today...
Looking back & setting boundaries! (For myself!)

I think the weather people were right this time...


This summer is surely going to go down as one of the hottest summers in on record for Ontario. It has been scorching hot here since summer hit, with very little relief at all! Most days with the humidity the mercury hits near 40c! Our central air has been running 24/7 unfortunately with little breaks. 

The pool is still driving me crazy and i’m 90% sure I just want to tear it down and call it a huge, expensive stupid judgement of error on my part. According to the pool people we need to add more stuff to the pool, 2 of which we don’t have. I’ve purchased SO many bottles of this & that for the pool, it’s absolutely insane. Even if I were to add this stuff, we still can’t get our stupid saltwater filter to ‘read’ the water, we’ve tried everything and no go. 

To say i’m frustrated would be an understatement. *sigh* 

So do I shove even more money into this pool in hopes that this is it, do I hire pool guys and hope they can get it up and running, or do I pull it down and call it a day. I think really my only choices are hiring a pool guy or tearing it down. A pool guy is going to cost me a few hundred dollars *minimum*, on top of everything else i’ve already put into the pool. The number is huge, FAR more than just the cost of the stupid pool itself. 

Onwards, I don’t think I mentioned this on my blog, but Child #2 was accepted into two UWO (University of Western Ontario) programs. One is an advanced program in which only about 20 spots are given!! It’s an advanced Arts & Humanities program for Classical Studies. I am SO PROUD I could absolutely burst!! So we’ve been trying to get everything in order & figure out how everything works, which is a task in itself. 

Today I have a bunch of running around to do, but I still need to get some sewing done. An NCW ideally will be completed before my head hits the pillow tonight! 

Well, true to my luck, the “o” key on my *brand new keyboard* literally just died, so i’m going to call this post complete as I hate using my touchscreen to type. Sorry about that!

Enjoy your day!