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Saturday Things...

Good morning! I woke up to a very grey, dreary day, and it looks like there’s rain & thundershowers on the horizon for the day! That doesn’t really fare well for my plans... 

Mya got a new (to her) bike yesterday of off the FB Marketplace (far easier to use than Kijiji I find) and her new helmet from Amazon is supposed to be arriving today. She’s itching to get out on it, so that may be delayed if it pours all day. It’s the sweetest bike and is currently sitting in our dining room. We need to find room to store it in the basement so it stays out of the elements. 

She’s very excited as she’s been wanting a bike for a while! I’m hoping she can get 2 years out of this bike! Crossing my fingers



  • I have housework & laundry waiting for some attention, lots of it as per usual, so i’ll be working away on that all weekend, hoping to catch up! 
  • Our pool is empty now, but we need to take it all down. I’ve given up on it for this year. SO much freaking work/expenses and we never could get the saltwater pump filter to run properly. Next year we’ll start fresh with a chlorine filter pump and be done with it. 
  • I’ve had to repurchase Mya’s *entire* fall/winter wardrobe. Thank goodness there has been lots of sales lately! I’ll share a post soon on that! 
  • Prepping for child #2 to go to University has been interesting! So far, so good, thanks to my sister! Since my sister is in year 7 of University (RN) she’s been a huge help!! End goal is a masters in Palaeontology. You don’t even want to know how much the first year is going to cost... we are just a skin under 5 digits! *faint* 
  • Maria has been spending the week with my mom and comes home today. I missed her and will be glad to have her home again! 
  • Miss Mya has had her best friend over for the last couple of days/nights and they’ve been having lots of fun & keep each other nice & busy. They’re so cute together.. lol! 

I need to sew today and snap photos of a few Slimline Wallets that I finished last night as well. I’m hoping to get a handful of keyfobs made today and perhaps cross a smaller custom order off my list if time allows. 

I had to shuffle around some orders this week as I ran out of natural linen which was needed for a couple of orders! I placed an order to be sent via express mail last Sunday from Toronto (2 hours away), however, I received such horrible & condescending customer service from them that I won’t be receiving it until Monday if i’m lucky!!

Needless to say, i’ve placed my first (and LAST!) order with them. Wish I would have known, when I shared my frustration on my FB page I had a couple of others pipe up that they’ve had the same experience with this shop, so I know i’m not the only one. Oh well, live & learn. When I receive my order i’ll have to look at my customs list and move things around again. SO not impressed... 

On an up note, if the weather holds out i’m supposed to have my refinished fabric dresser delivered tonight!! She did an absolutely amazing job and I can’t wait to share before & after photos with you!  I’ll be sharing a little Q&A as well, keep watch for that post soon! In the meantime, here’s a little sneak peek!

I LOOOOOOVE it SOOOOO much!! I really can’t wait to see it up close & personal in person!! 



If my dresser is sitting in my sewing room tonight guess what i’ll be working on tonight & tomorrow!? LOL!! My sewing room is an absolute disaster and i’m hoping that i’m able to switch things around a wee bit on my sewing desk as well. Not exactly sure what i’m going to do, but i’d love to have a larger cutting space on my desk which means moving my hutch and finding a home for everything that currently lives on my desk. My fabric is currently not so neatly piled into containers and clothes baskets. It’s been horrible working out of bins like that, it’s SO disorganized and a nightmare to pull fabrics for custom orders. I need order in my life once again... haha!! 

Anyway, that’s my weekend in a nutshell! I’m off to feed people, throw on a load of laundry and pull pretty fabrics for keyfobs! 

Have a wonderful weekend!!