Five Things Friday!
And just like that...

What a way to start July...


Over the last few months i’ve been having issues with my JUKI. The main issue is that it’s skipping stitches. LOTS of them, which in turn, messes up my sewn items, leads to lots of seam ripping, too much time wasted, plenty of frustration and pretty much drives me insane. So much so I end up walking away from my work for a couple days, which I can’t afford to do.

It needed a full cleaning & tune-up. A friend & I dropped it off at a local shop the other day and was told it could take 7-10 days for a turnaround. He said it may not, but it definitely could. The cost of my tune-up was just shy of $150.00. I also had to order a new throat plate for it as mine is pretty chewed up, that was another $60.00 - only because I found a great deal on it! So, i’m at $210 so far for this tune-up. Ouch.

The JUKI TL2010Q is a semi-industrial, high performance sewing & quilting machine. And while I sew my crazy thick wallets with it, i’ve come to learn that it’s not really built for the kind of work i’ve been putting it through. I love it to bits and cannot wait to get it back, mind you, but i’m now coming to realize that for my THICK wallets and heavy duty items, and items that i’d like to sew in the future, I may have to “bump up” to a full industrial machine. 

This scares me in a few ways: 

  • They are SO very expensive. The one i’m looking at would top up over $3K. Ouch!!
  • They are SO very powerful. I thought my JUKI was a force to be reckoned with, well, these babies can sew through steel almost! *wink* 
  • They’re SO very bulky & ugly. Ok, the ugly factor, whatever, but they come built into a table which means i’d absolutely need to revamp my entire sewing room. 

On the upside, an industrial sewing machine would absolutely, without a doubt sew through absolutely anything I could ever want it to sew, in my entire lifetime. 

I’m seriously debating on whether it’s a need. My mom (who has been sewing forever and ever and has sewn on many industrials in her lifetime) thinks that it’s time I get one. She said while my JUKI “can do it”, it doesn’t mean it should, and 6 months or a year down the road i’ll probably be right back to where I am now. 

While my machine is at the shop, I can’t sew. Which really sucks as this means our income is stalled. I’ll have to work on moving my RTS items in the meantime! I do have an older SINGER that my mom gave me in case I need a zigzag stitch etc, that I was intending on sewing on while my JUKI was away, however, it absolutely kills my wrists. I sewed *one* item on it this morning and i’m now in so much pain. I’m achy & sore, and have no strength left in my wrists. I’m so used to my JUKI with it’s presser foot knee lever, automatic thread cutter, so on and so forth that it really does save my wrists! 

Anyway, so i’m currently to the point of wondering if I should take the plunge and go for an industrial, or get my JUKI back, revamp some of my wallets and see if I can “minimize” the bulk and make my current JUKI work for me, because it has worked for, for most of the time anyways! The more I think about it, I feel that i’m leaning towards the 2nd option, just because the cost is soo high to purchase an industrial, and I really don’t want to slap it on a credit card. 

Oh well, I guess this will give me the time I need to catch up on the laundry, the housework, my budgeting, some reading, kids stuff, errands & appointments I should run, so on and so forth. Sleep would be nice as well, but that won’t happen. Last night I got a full 2 hours sleep because Dh snores and takes up most of the bed. After him working FT midnights for 20 years, i’m quite used to not having to share a bed, and now since he’s mostly home, I’m simply not sleeping on the nights he’s not at work. 

Let’s hope July gets better from here on in... on that note i’m off. I have piles of laundry waiting to be sorted, and think it’s time for another coffee! Bottoms up!

Enjoy your day!