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Five Things Friday!


Good Morning! It’s time for “Five Things Friday!”

1. BUDGETS: I’ve started with a new budget, although i’m still pulling numbers from the air because Dh still doesn’t have his accurate pay rate or anything yet... but hey, it’s only going onto the 4th week, so it’s not like we can really expect a HUGE company to be on the ball and have their sh*t together right!? So... i’m kind of guessing as to what will be a workable week to week budget for us, but man, it’s not easy!

In the last 24 hours alone i’ve already dropped $250.00 on groceries, some needed clothing items, school supplies,OTC meds for Dh, etc... and that was only picking up a “few odds & ends”... i’m going to stick to this budget for September and see how I do though. Last week I went over by about $12.00, so it could have been far worse, but we’ll see. I have a feeling it’s going to need adjusted. I don’t have a very detailed budget for week to week variable expenses, just an overall “stay within this $$$ for all the stuff I need to buy”.

Our grocery budget is without a doubt higher than most others with a family our size. With 3 of us having food allergies, it’s not cheap to buy food. I ran out of my pancake mix, so just bought more this morning. That alone was just a touch under $50.00. I buy in boxes of 6 otherwise it costs me a fortune. If I buy single boxes it’s $14/box, so it’s cheaper in the long run to buy in “bulk”. And no, I can’t “mix my own” to save $$ as buying GF/allergy supplies from the bulk stores isn’t safe, and buying each & every ingredient alone would cost a fortune as well. Plus, it would never be the same. So, I purchase by boxes of 6. 

I also shop “local” and organic, so that’s a higher price tag as well. Cheap food is just that, cheap food, and it’s one area I don’t sacrifice on. 

PS - The APP i’m using to track my spending is called “Buddy - Easy Budgeting”. So far, so good! And it’s a free APP which is always good! 

2. SEWING: The other day I sat down and wrote out all of my custom orders that are ahead of me and as long as I stay on track for the month, by October i’ll be able to switch over to my new schedule! My goal is 3 days for custom sewing, 3 days for RTS (Ready to Ship/Personal sewing) and 1 day completely OFF from sewing to give my body and mind a rest. This will give me far more flexibility with my days and allow me my own creativity! Which I don’t often get to do now... and I miss it!!

3. DECLUTTERING: The Diabetes association called the other day asking if we had anything to donate - they pick up from our front porch, and while I couldn’t think of anything at the time, I said yes all the same. I figured it would give me a little extra “push” to go through each room and see what we don’t need, and/or can live without! So far I have one bag ready to go, and i’m going to add another bag to my list today! I’ll sort through our fall/winter items and see if there’s anything there we don’t need/won’t fit and be sure to donate it before the cold weather hits! Pick up is on the 12th, so I have 5 days to go through the house top to bottom, get Dh & the kids to go through their stuff as well and make sure that we have a donation ready to go! I’m pretty “minimal” by this point in my life and hate having clutter and “stuff” around, so if we don’t need it and don’t use it regularly, we don’t have it, and we don’t keep it!! Much better for my “Type A” personality and keeps the house much cleaner as well!

4. ME TIME: I love K-Dramas, besides watching the odd movie a couple times a month, or watching Running Man with the kids (a hilarious Korean variety show) that’s all I watch. We don’t have cable (overpriced and nothing good on anyways), so when I have the time, i’ll watch a good K-Drama. My current drama is “Are You Human Too?”. I haven’t watched any in quite a while, but decided to start watching an episode a night for “me time” and i’m glad that I did! I pay for a Drama Fever premium membership, so I have lots of choice and no ads, etc... it’s worth my $6.00 US/month. I’ve also been trying to read a bit daily in the afternoon which is a nice break for me as well. Both things I really enjoy and help with my stress level. 

5. CHRISTMAS: Yep, I said it... now that we’re into September, I need to start thinking about what i’m going to do for Christmas. I’m SOO grateful that we’re back home for Christmas this year, and definitely need to start figuring out my Christmas budget, gift list, so on and so forth! My goal is always to be done with my shopping by December the 1st so I can enjoy the month of December without the stress of last minute shopping and pushy mall shoppers. I’m also taking part in the Merry Makers Fair this year (November show *only*) as a week before Christmas is just too much for my sanity level... lol!! So I will need to start prepping for that sooner than later as well! The $$ earned from that show however will be short lived, as i’ll have to hand it over for tuition to UWO for the 2nd term. Easy come, easy go right? *wink* I’ve already paid for this terms tuition and next term isn’t quite as painful, thankfully.

Well, on that note, that’s 5 Things for Friday! I’m off to write out my “to do list” for the day and get my day going! Have a fabulous day!!