“The Meg”...

I’m ready for Monday...


A beautiful bed & breakfast in Cape Breton (I believe...?) Correct me if i’m wrong, Stacey! 


Happy Sunday! I decided to take the weekend away from social media so I could get some things accomplished on my “to do” list and not have to constantly check in to see who “needed me”. 

It was a good thing... mind you, I see a huge number of notifications waiting for me, so I may not think that it’s such a good thing tomorrow, but as it stands now, i’m happy to have taken the weekend away from checking in and posting on my media pages. 

The best part about not being online so much is that I managed to get things crossed off my list which have been weighing heavily on me! 

  • Pkg’ed & mailed a handful of orders 
  • Finished up a swap pkg and mailed it off 
  • Caught up on my laundry - there was a lot 
  • Decluttered  and have a *very nice sized* donation ready to go to the Goodwill tomorrow! 
  • Tossed out a garbage bag full of “stuff” that’s not really “donation” material. 
  • Ordered Maria & Mya new bedding sets. It’s been a long time and they were desperately needed) 
  • Caught up on some housework which had been neglected
  • Organized closets & drawers, etc... 
  • Have my sisters birthday gift ready to go for tomorrow. Her birthday was actually Friday but she’s visiting tomorrow afternoon. 

I wish I could add in “slept well”, but that would be a lie... I am hoping for a good nights sleep tonight however, and as soon as Dh heads off to work, my head is going to hit the pillow! 

I also had time to think, and I really needed that. It gave me some clarity on a few things which i’ve been struggling with. 

That being said, I’m ready for my new October sewing schedule to kick in and if I hustle this week and stick to my sewing schedule, I should be free in clear next Monday 24th and have a FULL week to work on RTS and fill October custom spots! *crosses fingers*

So heading into October my schedule will look like this: 

  • Custom Sewing: 3 days/week
  • Ready to Ship/personal Sewing: 3 days/week
  • OFF: 1 day a week where i’ll give my machine, and myself the day off.

I’m definitely going to stick with this new routine for October & the first 2 weeks of November to see how it goes... I have my Merry Makers Fair coming up soon so i’ll definitely be needing those 3 days a week to prep for the show anyway! After my show i’ll see if it “works” and either continue on from there, or change things around if needed. 

On that note, i’m off until tomorrow morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend!!