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A little gift to me from Child #2... I really wanted to see this movie (haven’t yet) so when it was spotted at Goodwill for a mere $3.00, it was grabbed and brought home for me! It honestly made my day! I’m not reading anything right now so I think i’ll start this with a chapter before bed tonight! I’m sure it’ll be a tear jerker, but that’s ok, it seems like it’ll be a sweet read all the same. And look at that sweet dog on the cover... so cute! I know i’m a big “cat person”, but who doesn’t love dogs too!? 

Have you read it or watched the movie?




I did manage to cross 2 small custom orders off my list today... this is one of them. A customer needed a small pouch to hold cash & coins in for her craft fairs. I added a lobster clasp for her so she can latch this onto wherever to keep track of it! She was quite happy with it and I love this fabric, so it was a quick & fun make 



Coffee Sleeves galore! For the last few days i’ve been working on coffee sleeves! Thankfully they were very well received & i’ve sold a nice stack of them with a stack to go to a local shop. This cute yarn ball sheep sleeve is a personal favourite! I sold one, but still have one left if anyone wants it! ($18.00 & shipping) And don’t you love those BIG wooden buttons!? I adore them and plan on using big wooden buttons on all my sleeves... :) 



As quickly as summer left, fall snuck in. Look at these beautiful leaves... it literally happened with a turn of the clock! The weather is cooler, the days are shorter, and my AC is resting for the remainder of the year. My gas bill which has been literally next to NIL for the last 6 months has increased in anticipation of the heat being turned on sooner than later. Which i’m sure it will, but not quite yet. I’ll hold out for a while yet I think... (don’t quote me on that! Hahaha!)




Our Chester is getting to be a big boy! SO big that he doesn’t fit on his cat tree that we purchased for him when he was this big... 

*Collective awwwwwww!!!* 



My husband sent me a link this morning to a new cat tree, I should have known he was being a smart ass ‘cause when I clicked on it the price was almost $3K!!! Can you imagine!?! *Faint* Needless to say I vetoed that one but quickly found this one on sale down from $225.00 to $95.00! Pretty good I think! Chester LOVES his cat tree and has literally used it to shreds. LOL! We bought it when we were in Cape Breton still for $55.00 from a local WalMart, so he’s gotten our money’s worth out of it and now he’s earned himself a nice upgrade. It’s supposed to arrive tomorrow (FAST shipping from Wayfair!) and i’m excited to see how he likes it! 

It’s funny now because his cat tree is way too small for him, so he lays with his back half on the cat tree and his front half on the arm of the sofa! Poor boy... he’ll be happy with his new digs i’m sure! 



Most of today consisted of sorting & cutting cork for new card wallets. I have a big fat stack that i’m slowly working through. Now... if I just did what everyone else does, these would be done because i’d have left them with squared corners. But since i’m a perfectionist and really like my stuff to stand out, i’m shaping all of these pieces of cork with little rounded corners. Which literally takes hours & hours. I managed to get a little more than half done tonight and figure i’ll do the rest while I have my coffee in the morning. Then I need to get out quickly for some groceries and get back home to sew the rest of my day away! 


Saturday I need to drop off fresh stock at a local shop, pick up stuff from the market and drop off new stuff as well. So the next 2 days are going to be extra busy for me, so I need to focus on the task at hand! 

On that note, i’m off to bed. But before I go, what are your favourite, easy meals for a fussy, meat & potatoes type guy?