I’m ready for Monday...
My random thoughts...



Self-care is definitely not as easy as it seems... i’ve been ignoring it for far too long and it’s starting to wear me out. So i’m on a mission to spend more time on self-care. 

  • I’ve been trying to eat more regularly. I eat very healthy foods, don’t eat crap, but I just don’t eat often enough. So i’m really trying not to skip (too many) meals and eat a snack or two if I can. 
  • I try to get in lots of water... my goal is always 8 glasses and generally i’m pretty good with this. 
  • Me time. Tonight I went to see Mamma Mia 2 at the theatres again, last night I went to the Grand Theatre to see “Prom Queen”, this weekend i’m taking the kids to Comic-Con for a fun day out. I’m making time for the good stuff... at least till winter arrives, then i’ll hibernate again. LoL!! 
  • I’ve cut down on my online time. Social media especially... less time online for me is a *GOOD* thing and I notice a big difference. 
  • I’m almost 100% caught up on custom orders and am working on filling the first 2 weeks of October. When they’re full i’ll close up again for a while so I can work through them without taking on too much and having to use my sewing time for msg’ing back and forth, pulling fabrics, snapping photos, so on and so forth. 
  • I’m setting time aside for housework. I know this doesn’t count as “self-care”, but for me, it’s self-preservation. I HATE a messy house, even if nobody else can see it, *I* can see it... so i’m making time to keep the house the way I like it! 
  • I’m aiming to start my sewing early in the morning and leaving my devices “out of sight, out of mind”, which means I can ignore the ‘pings & notifications’ and focus solely on my sewing. This makes my work go much faster!! I didn’t realize just how much time my checking in and replying to emails, texts, pms, etc... took up. I knew it used a lot of my time, but didn’t realize just how much until this week! 
  • I’m making people wait. I’m trying to respond to messages when it’s a good time for me, not as soon as the message comes in. That may sound bad, but it really throws me off to stop & reply to messages when i’m in the middle of something. I end up losing time and my schedule gets thrown off, which I hate. 
  • Sleep. Not so much. But I digress... 

Tomorrow is a “home day” since i’ve been out a lot over the last week, and I already have my list ready to go. Sewing, housework, laundry (still caught up and really want to stay that way!) baking, kid stuff, etc... 

On that note, i’m exhausted so i’m off to bed! Have a great night! 


How do you practice ‘self-care’?