Budget Busters...
I’m ready for Monday...

“The Meg”...


There’s pretty much nothing better than kitschy thrillers... Godzilla, Jurrasic Park, King Kong, etc... this looks right up there & I can’t honestly wait to see it! LOL!! 

I’m headed to UWO (University of Western Ontario) this afternoon for a tour by child #2, then we’re off to do some fall shopping & then have tickets to see “The Meg” later on today, which looks pretty awesome! LOL!! It’ll be a fun movie to see i’m sure! 

I haven’t had a chance to make it down to my sewing room yet, (ack!) and by the looks of it, I may just get my fabrics & interfacing ironed today. If i’m lucky. 

Thankfully i’m still on schedule for my week as planned... left on my sewing list for this week that was to be completed by Sunday: 

  1. NCW 
  2. Star Wars Slimline Wallet 
  3. Drawstring bag

I’m good still. If I don’t get anything done today, tomorrow i’ll knock #2 & 3 off my list and that’ll leave me with an NCW to get completed on the weekend sometime. I’m ok with that! I also need to write out my list for next week and possibly open up a few custom spots for the last week of September. 

Onwards... so far today i’ve: 

  • Showered & dressed.
  • Made breakfast for Mya & Dh. 
  • Did a load of laundry. 
  • Changed & took out the garbage. 
  • Made breakfast for me & child #2. 
  • Sort & took out the recycling. 
  • Scrubbed out recycling bin. 
  • Called Puralator to get a pkg redirected to me, which was a gift for Dallas. Since they only deliver Monday - Friday, can’t schedule an early morning drop-off, can’t “safe drop” since it’s “dangerous goods” (Body Shop Tea Tree Oil stuff) and they’re closed on weekends, he can’t even pick it up since he works FT Monday - Friday!! And Saturday delivery is an extra $25.00!!!! What. A. Pain. 
  • Placed & scheduled an order for pizza delivery tonight: I won’t be home, so hubby & kids luck out and get pizza. They must love it when i’m not home over the dinner hour... lol! 
  • Got a couple pkgs ready for local pick-up. 
  • Cleaned the kitchen. Two times. Floor still needs swept & mopped.... *sigh* 
  • Cleaned out my inbox 
  • Replied to a few PM’s. 

I’m heading out in about 2 hours though so i’m going to cut this short and get more items crossed off of my list, so I can enjoy the day offline!! 

Have a great day everyone!! 


Do you enjoy ‘kitschy’ thrillers?

If so, which is your favourite?