Thursday Things...
Why you gotta be so mean?



Today I had a lot to get done and i’m quite happy to say that I was very productive today and managed to get lots of sewing off of my “to do” list! Housework was ignored, but whatever, it’s not even my stuff... there are textbooks and stuff all over, i’ve kind of given up on that now. 

I managed to: 

  • Pkg’ed & labelled all those orders to go out in the mail this week! That seems like a ‘nothing’ task, but it takes me quite a while to do this!! 
  • Made 2 straw pouches for an order. 
  • Made a Coffee sleeve for an order. 
  • Made a Retreat Bag for an order. 
  • Made 2 keyfobs. One for an order, one is just being saved for the Merry Makers Fair. 
  • Ironed, interfaced & cut fabrics to redo the NCW that Canada Post lost on me. 
  • Worked on above NCW for a little while... I completed the coin section, flap & card slots. 
  • Snapped & edited photos of that Sew Together Bag in the photo above. 
  • Snapped & edited pics of the Retreat Bag I made today.
  • Sorted and set aside some RTS (ready to ship) items for the Merry Makers Fair
  • Decided on what project i’m going to make tomorrow with a bundle of fun fabric from Clinton Modern Creative

Now all of this means that after I complete that NCW tomorrow and my project for Clinton Modern Creative, i’m done with custom work until after my Merry Makers Fair show next month! So i’ll have about 2 1/2 weeks to make lots of pretties for the show! I definitely have to hustle and i’m not sure how much RTS i’ll manage to get in over the next couple of weeks, but i’m hoping to have a few NCW’s & Slimline wallets listed on my page here & there along with whatever else I make. 

Now, it’s late and i’m sore today from sewing a lot. To be honest i’m not exactly sure how i’m going to pull off the show without overdoing it... which isn’t a good thing because i’ll do myself in and my wrists will pay the price. *sigh* I know that I don’t have to have an “over-flowing” table and honestly I don’t even know what sized table i’m getting which makes it kind of hard to plan as well. We were told we’d get either a 6 or 8 ft table, but we haven’t been told, so i’m not exactly sure what to do... ? 

So I guess i’ll just do what I can and know that I did the best that I could. C’est la vie! 

Have a great night everyone!