Weekly Goals... Oct.8-14th
Well, there goes my day...



We had our Thanksgiving day yesterday, which was a great day overall. I had to kick in our AC again ‘cause the temps hit 35c yesterday (Wow!!!) and I believe we’re supposed to have a few more days of heat like this! Crazy eh!? Mid October with hot August summer days! 

Mya seems to have picked something or other up, and has a cold or something. She’s has sneezing, sniffles, cough & sore throat but absolutely no fever thankfully! So far it’s pretty mild and an OTC in the morning has helped her feel better all day, so i’m hoping this one moves through quickly and doesn’t get any worse! *fingers crossed* 




Here’s Mya yesterday in the dress I bought her last year for her Christmas concert at Seton. It actually fits perfectly this year, so it’ll be nice when we go to the Grand Theatre & for Christmas Day! 


We played a couple of board games yesterday and enjoyed hanging out together. The only thing missing was Dallas. Unfortunately he had to work, so he missed it and we missed him. It’s so hard to work around everyone at the holidays, thankfully Christmas will be easier!! 

Ah well... onwards. 

Today my list consists of: 

  • Sorting through all my clothes and getting my donations ready for tomorrow! 
  • Sewing! Ideally i’d like to make some boxy pouches & some chapstick fobs, then get large oil pouches ready to go! 
  • Snap pics of a boxy pouch I made last night. It’s SO hard to get the sizing right for these types of pouches, but the one I made last night helped. I’m going to downsize and see if I get closer to the size needed. 
  • Make 2 IG posts today. 
  • Snap pics of a Ruffled Wristlet set I completed yesterday morning. This was custom so that’s one of my customs off my list for the week.. yay! 
  • Mail all my lettermail pkg’es today. I don’t think I’ll make it to the post office today with Mya being sick, but I can mail off the lettermail pkg’es as the mailbox is literally a 30 second walk to the side of the house beside us. 
  • Sneak in 30 minutes of reading. 

And I think that should do it! The house is nice & clean from yesterday still, so nothing needs done at all... it won’t last long, but it’s nice while it lasts! LOL!! 

On that note i’m off... have a wonderful day! :)