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A final good-bye...


It’s actually, technically Monday now. Which means I should soon hustle to bed and try to get some sleep before my alarm wakes me up at 6am to do “life”. I’m hoping to get in 60-90 minutes of sewing prep before anyone is awake. I have fabric pulled for 6 NCW’s (I have *zero* ready for my upcoming show!) so need to hustle! 

I’ll be going to the hospital daily this week again to help, encourage and keep my grandma (in law, 97) company. Things go up, then they go down. It’s going to be a rough few weeks I think, we’re praying for the best! Grandma is an absolute warrior, inspiring and without a doubt one of the most loving and accepting women that i’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. She blesses my life. 

Today I had a photo shoot and have been working on editing images, but now that I can barely keep my eyes open, I need to load & run the dishwasher and flip the laundry. I missed these guys... so intelligent and funny! It was a fun & freezing afternoon. We all laughed so hard that we had to wait for the tears to stop before taking more photos!! 




Sometimes you just see something that you know would make a great photo... this is one of those. Someone quite fashionable obviously lost these sweet little glasses at the park. Some kind soul picked them up and placed them upside down on a fence post, probably in hopes of being found. 

Let’s hope someone gives them a new home or they find their way back to their rightful owner... 



For the record, I would be quite happy indeed to come back as a doted & spoiled housecat. Just in case anyone is listening... 


And on that note, i’m going to get the rest of my chores done so I can crawl into bed to rest & recharge for hopefully 5 full hours before my new week starts! *crosses fingers* 

Good Night! Xox