A final good-bye...
Sunday ponderings...

Baby steps...

Most people who know me know that i’m not exactly “patient”... it’s no secret. I’m finding it hard to find my groove again since grandma’s passing. I’ve been out exactly *once* since her funeral, the rest of the time I haven’t left my house, nor have I bothered getting out of my pj’s. 

I don’t really much desire to leave the house to do anything at all. Thankfully we’ve been ok for groceries and everything else, but I know eventually that’ll need replenished and other things will need taken care of as well. 

Today I decided that I need to get a custom order done... it’s being picked up this weekend so I was at the cut-off point for procrastinating. I took things slowly as i’ve already messed up an NCW to the point that it needs completely redone. *sigh* 

So today I didn’t make it down to my sewing room until after 2pm... I pulled these beautiful Zuma fabrics and slowly went to work. 




Two Slimline wallets on the go... I bought the entire line of Zuma in every single colourway, but this one was chosen so I just decided to keep things simple and use these fabrics for both wallets. One is custom, the other is available, but I haven’t listed it yet... 



Take a close look at the quote on the flap... I love it.... 

“A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skilled Sailor”, this is true for many things in life don’t you agree?



After about 5 1/2 hours of work, I finished both wallets without incident! Both turned out absolutely perfect, thankfully! Yay me!! I was so relieved and happy, it’s exactly the little boost that I needed today! I was able to concentrate on task and complete... it’s a good thing! 



Tomorrow will be another story... I have to leave the house as a few months ago I purchased tickets to see “A Christmas Carol” at the Grand Theatre and the time has arrived. Pj’s are probably frowned upon at the Grand, so i’ll have to dress accordingly, and go out, in public, with people. It should be a wonderful show and the kids are excited to see it.

Next week my goal will be to get out and accomplish some Christmas shopping. I’d love to finish sooner than later as I find the closer to Christmas you get, the pushier and moodier the shoppers are! Finishing next week would be amazing actually... I really just want to be done. I need to purchase wrapping paper and all that stuff too... but can I find “Chester-proof” wrapping paper!? That’s the real question... 

He’s not always an angel... just when he sleeps. *wink* 



Well i’m going to cut this short, eat some dinner and work on my English Paper Piecing project tonight. I’m not exactly even sure what that project will be, i’m just making hexies because it’s relaxing and keeps my mind busy in the evenings. 

So on that note, i’m off! Have a wonderful evening! 


Have you started (or finished!) your Christmas shopping?