It’s the weekend!!


Yep... this is 100% accurate. Just throw in some sewing and this is going to be my weekend in a nutshell! It’s supposed to be rainy and cold, so hanging around the house getting things crossed off of my to do list works just fine for me! I had a busy week, so puttering around in comfy clothes will be wonderful honestly! 

My last post about about that woman who sent me a nasty message telling me how much she disliked me and that people only purchased my items out of ‘pity’, well, people must be *really* pitying me lately because nothing I post is lasting longer than 10 minutes in the last 24 hours! The best revenge is success right? Then i’m on it!! 

As always, I’m quite grateful for each & every sale as it’s been a speedy couple of weeks with a big, FAT cork order, a very large order of fabrics (I desperately needed solids to stretch out my patterned fabric & allow me to put more fabric combos together) and all new winter bedding for child #2! Phew! 

Her nasty bullying message has me wondering though... 

Do people really only want to read about “Sunshine & Rainbows”? I try not to do that, because it’s not realistic and I can’t relate to that. I’ve promised myself that I will always keep it real online. When I have a great day, awesome!! When I have a bad day, well, that’s life. Should I only post when things are going fabulously? 

When I’m sore from sewing to the point of physically not being able to move my arms/wrists, or when I have a sick kid, or when I need advice with something, so on and so forth, should I just zip it and keep it to myself? Often times I post asking for help/advice because I figure there’s always someone out there who has a little gem of wisdom to share with others and sometimes it’s that exact gem that works for solving the problem that i’m having! 

I’ve debated taking my blog down SO MANY TIMES because it makes me an ‘easy target’ apparently, and getting hate emails and nasty comments can get exhausting at times. I’ll never understand those who have to stomp on someone else like that... does it make them feel better about themselves? Does it really make them happy in some weird twisted way? It would definitely be easier just to “call it a day” & be done with it. One less way for me to become the target of someone’s poisonous tongue. 

Anyway, i’m rambling now, and i’m absolutely starving, so i’m going to go throw on some dinner & rest my wrists for the night. 

Sorry about having comment moderation on for now, but it is what it is. 




Why you gotta be so mean?


Today on my business page I received a nasty message from someone who felt the need to tell me what a horrible person I was, how “fed up” she was of me, that I have no talent and people only purchase my sewn goods from me out of ‘pity’. This was after she felt the need to give me unwanted advice on my page. 

The kicker? Her and her husband are small business owners as well, and i’ve supported their business before! Never again rest assured! 

I understand that I put “myself out there”, and I’m definitely not claiming to be perfect, I am *FAR* from perfect, let me assure you. 

But at the same time, I have feelings, my thoughts & feelings are valid, so if you can’t accept that, kindly move on. There is NO need to follow me on social media, there is NO need to read my blog, in fact, you can simply pretend that I don’t exist. Unlike my page, don’t comment on my posts, just pretend that I don’t exist. 

This person has now been blocked on my business page, and after messaging me on my *personal* FB page with Lord knows what in her message as well, (I didn’t read) I had to block her there too. Soo... we’ll see if a comment pops up on my blog, if so, you’ll be blocked here too.

I have ZERO time in my life for ‘bullies’ and ‘mean girls’. 

On that note, i’m off to play a game with my kids and remind myself that “what others think of me is none of my business!”. 






Today I had a lot to get done and i’m quite happy to say that I was very productive today and managed to get lots of sewing off of my “to do” list! Housework was ignored, but whatever, it’s not even my stuff... there are textbooks and stuff all over, i’ve kind of given up on that now. 

I managed to: 

  • Pkg’ed & labelled all those orders to go out in the mail this week! That seems like a ‘nothing’ task, but it takes me quite a while to do this!! 
  • Made 2 straw pouches for an order. 
  • Made a Coffee sleeve for an order. 
  • Made a Retreat Bag for an order. 
  • Made 2 keyfobs. One for an order, one is just being saved for the Merry Makers Fair. 
  • Ironed, interfaced & cut fabrics to redo the NCW that Canada Post lost on me. 
  • Worked on above NCW for a little while... I completed the coin section, flap & card slots. 
  • Snapped & edited photos of that Sew Together Bag in the photo above. 
  • Snapped & edited pics of the Retreat Bag I made today.
  • Sorted and set aside some RTS (ready to ship) items for the Merry Makers Fair
  • Decided on what project i’m going to make tomorrow with a bundle of fun fabric from Clinton Modern Creative

Now all of this means that after I complete that NCW tomorrow and my project for Clinton Modern Creative, i’m done with custom work until after my Merry Makers Fair show next month! So i’ll have about 2 1/2 weeks to make lots of pretties for the show! I definitely have to hustle and i’m not sure how much RTS i’ll manage to get in over the next couple of weeks, but i’m hoping to have a few NCW’s & Slimline wallets listed on my page here & there along with whatever else I make. 

Now, it’s late and i’m sore today from sewing a lot. To be honest i’m not exactly sure how i’m going to pull off the show without overdoing it... which isn’t a good thing because i’ll do myself in and my wrists will pay the price. *sigh* I know that I don’t have to have an “over-flowing” table and honestly I don’t even know what sized table i’m getting which makes it kind of hard to plan as well. We were told we’d get either a 6 or 8 ft table, but we haven’t been told, so i’m not exactly sure what to do... ? 

So I guess i’ll just do what I can and know that I did the best that I could. C’est la vie! 

Have a great night everyone!